How to buy

1.Register an account on Anmaxshop.

Go to, begin to register a account. If you have already registered the account with the new Anmaxshop, please log in directly. 

(Anmaxshop upgraded the shop program to Opencart version, the original old ECshop anmaxshop account can not log in, Old shop users also need to register a new account)

Here we register an account as an example.

---First Name/Last Name: Enter your name at here

---E-mail: Enter your real E-mail address at here.

    (Please make sure the mailbox is valid. We will email you.Or if it have any problems, we can communicate with you through the mailbox.)

---Telephone: Enter your phone number at here

---Set your account password.

---Choose whether to subscribe to the newsletter(Yes/No)

---Please read "Privacy Policy" carefully and select it.

Then "continue" to the next step, complete the account registration.If the information is filled in correctly, the account registration success page will appear. Otherwise, please check if you filled out the relevant information as required.

Then "continue" to the next step, it will enter your personal account management page.

2.Buy products at Anmaxshop

Log in to Anmaxshop. If you do not have an account, please follow the previous registration instructions to register an account in the shop.

It will automatically enter the personal account page.

Browse the Anmashop, select the product that you want to buy.

Let's take the example of buying 1pcs "Cloud coin" to explain how to complete shopping in anmaxshop.

Go to “MEMBERSHIP CARD” product list page from the navigation bar “MEMBERSHIP CARD”.

Select “Cloud Coin” product, Set purchase quantity, then add it to the shopping cart.

The number of purchases and the total price will be displayed in the shopping cart at the top right corner of the website.

Select and enter the shopping cart,you can see the details of the products that you have purchased.

"×" can remove the product from the shopping cart.
"View Cart" can view detailed shopping information, estimate Shipping & Taxes, use Coupon Code or Use Gift Certificate.(If you have Coupon Code or Use Gift Certificate, you can input it at here).

Check out:
After confirming the purchased goods and prices are correct, “Checkout” go to check out page.

Input Billing Details information:Name,Company,Address,City,Post code,Country,Region/State.(* is must fill in items)

 “Continue” go to next step:

Confirm that the “Delivery Details” information is correct, “Continue” go to next step:

Confirm the “Delivery Method”, “Continue” go to next step:

Confirm the “Payment Method”.
We currently use the "Yjpay" third-party payment platform to support users to complete payments via VISA credit card. Other credit cards and payment methods are not yet supported.

Please read and agree to the “Terms & Conditions”,then “Continue” go to next step:

“Continue” go to next step, then you will enter credit card payment page:
Enter the credit card "Card Number", select "Expiration Date" and enter "Security Code",”PAY NOW” to finish the payment.

If the payment is successful, wait a few seconds and a reminder page will appear.

Wait about 10 seconds and "Your order has been placed!" will appear.

If the payment is unsuccessful, please let us know the error message that appears and we will help you analyze what caused it.

We hope that you will have a good time shopping in Anmaxshop.